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Green Energy Options (GEO)

Based in Cambridge, UK, Green Energy Options (GEO) has grown since its creation in 2006 to be one of the leading manufacturers of solar monitoring solutions worldwide, with over 1,400,000 displays supplied and an extensive network of commercial partnerships.


With 35 direct staff and more than 250 people through their installer and distributor network, GEO has seen significant solar business growth and is a microgeneration technology leader.

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Solo II PVMaximising the payback from solar panels

The Solo II PV monitors end users' solar panel generation, keeping them up to date with savings, energy and payback rewards.

Microgeneration insight:


The Solo II PV display will allow homeowners with PV panels to see generation loads, spot trends and understand the full impact of home generation. The Solo II PV supports people in using as much of their generated energy as possible, by showing clearly when the best times to switch on appliances are. The Solo II PV is fully supported by GEO's online energy service, energynote.


Features and benefits:


  • Live generation data 24/7: Simple, graphical representation of live energy data. Keep an eye on panel activity, see spend vs budget and increase efficiency
  • See, explore, analyse: The Solo II PV is one of GEO's best-selling and most popular displays, helping PV owners get the most out of their solar panels.
  • Real-time display of kW generated, ££ earned, CO2 saved and internal temperature
  • Compatible with 1-20kW PV arrays that are either single or three phase systems
  • Indicates when to switch on appliances
  • LED reader for easy installed on and accurate readings
  • Shows internal temperature (and external temperature with additional sensor)
  • Works independently of the inverter
  • Smartphone service
  • Online energy service for live information, data storage and analysis
  • Boosted signal strength between transmitter and display

Solo III PV100% accurate; one meter, no fiddly installation

The Solo III PV is designed for installers looking for a hassle-free installation, reliable and meter-accurate information and an engaging user interface for the customer.


The Solo III PV picks up and displays generation, usage, import and export information, helping end users get the most out of their solar PV system. The system uses GEO's energynote online service and an optional in-home display.


  • Inverter independent: Because the Solo III PV system is inverter agnostic, it's compatible with every system there is. Whatever the inverter, the system works perfectly.
  • Forget standard generation meter: There is no need for a standard generation meter. The GEO MID-approved twin-element meter records generation, import and export - they work out the usage.
  • No fiddly installation: There is no need to install fiddly and inaccurate sensors (like CT clips). There is a single sensor to install - which is the MID-approved meter.
  • 100% accurate: Meter-accurate information is sent wirelessly to the geo hub and display. No consumer confusion due to inaccurate information on the monitor.
  • Continuous data push: The hub pushes all data continuously to GEO's online energy service. Your customers will have live access to energy data on their smartphones, tablets or PCs.
  • Full technical support: Full technical support is offered for installers and customers. Installers don't need to return to site if there are issues - GEO will directly and expertly help your customers.
  • Solo III PV Display: The Solo III PV display shows import/export energy data, sent wirelessly from the hub. Consumers will see live PV information that encourages efficiency and minimises the payback time for solar investment.
  • Twin-element meter: The meter is a MID approved meter sensor. It’s a twin-element meter with a communications module. This meter replaces the standard generation meter and sends data wirelessly to the hub.
  • Online account: GEO's online energy service, energynote, is a secure and consumer-friendly website. On energynote, account holders can explore their energy use – seeing earnings and savings come to life.