BYD Batteries

BYD is the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries for solar PV systems and wants to achieve soon a 20% share of the stationary storage system market, i.e. home storage systems and small commercial storage systems. 

SB BYD B-BOXLithium iron phosphate battery

  • The B-BOX AC-coupled system can be flexibly configured and can be extended in 2.5 kWh or 12.8 kWh steps
  • A long-life lithium iron phosphate battery unit with a battery management system (BMS) lies behind the housing of every battery unit.
  • The B-BOX can be customised for any application thanks to its flexible design and excels with its outstanding battery parameters.
  • The low-voltage system is available with the battery inverters Sunny Island from SMA and inverters from SolaX Power



B-PLUS 2.5 (2,45 KWH)Battery Module

  • High energy densitiy
  • Excellent safety performance
  • Long cycle life
  • High charge and discharge rate